04 September, 2014

Chestahedron Mathematics behind the Secrets of The Pyramids and Who Were the Pyramid Builders

 1.  The heart is not  a pump but an organ of flow (regulation). 
'' In the developing human embryo, blood is already streaming rhythmically through its blood vessels before the heart has even formed. Something other than the heart, therefore, must be responsible for this movement of the blood
The heart that develops later appears to function more like a balancing brake: blood streams into the left ventricle in a clockwise direction and then vortexes around itself, finally emerging from the left ventricle in the opposite, counter-clockwise direction. At the moment when the blood flow reverses, there is no movement; absolute stillness reigns. However, this is a dynamic rest. This is the exact moment, simultaneous in time and space, that for Frank Chester represents the eternally present heart-centered state in each human being.''

2.  ''Frank Chester found phenomena which appeared to confirm his suggestion that the Chestahedron acts as a fundamental geometric form within our earth.  If one follows a lawful transformation involving surface-point-surface mapping, it can be shown that the Chestahedron has a cube as its foundation (ed.: within it)

With reference to the dimensions of the earth, this cube has the same diameter as our moon (the earth’s core has a diameter of 3400 km; the diameter of the moon is 3474 km).  In 2008, scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden published findings that appeared to confirm that the core of the earth is a cube (Translator note: Specifically, the round earth’s core has a cubical iron crystalline structure and not a hexagonal one as assumed in older models)''

3.  ''Chester found a common denominator, a starting point which promises to offer a deeper understanding of both earthly phenomena as well as those of the human heart.''

''Chestahedron as a transformation of a tetrahedron''

The following  animation is courtesy of the Frank Chester website:

  This animation visualizes how the chestahedron comes into being when a tetrahedron is “opened up” like a flower. 
As the tetrahedron opens, it becomes the chestahedron, finally becoming a stellated octahedron. 
The stellated octahedron fits exactly within a larger tetrahedron that is exactly double the size of the original tetrahedron.''

 ''The Double Torus, which is essentially a Star Tetrahedron set in motion. According to Haramein’s Unified Field Theory, the Double Torus illustrates the underlying structure and movement of everything in the Universe, from the smallest subatomic structures to the largest black wholes and everything in-between, including human energy fields ''


 Torus structure dynamics  that Nassim Haramain talks about comprised of the BELL shapes discovered by Frank Chester and shown above curtsey of Frank Chester 
The torus dynamics just as the case of human heart, as discovered by Frank Chester, is comprised of opposing vortexes as we can see on the picture above

It is clear that the composition and structure of the human heart and that of the Earth are closely interrelated

''The human core identity—heart-centered identity—is formed by the subtle energies in the shape that is the Chestahedron, the seven-sided form. That same shape also forms the sacred geometry template for the whole planet.''

Fig 1. Spinning Chestahedron creates two concentric rings of set proportions.
Fig 2. Cross section of heart shows ring of matching proportions.
Fig 3.  Predominance of Aurora Borealis falls within ring of matching proportions.

 In addition to these geometric holographic  matrix forms it is electro magnetic fields that are the part of the hollographic matrix we call universe and sounds that govern any particular form. We call this EM sound fields morphic fields..because the change of sound morphs a shape or its state of existence
Nikola Tesla re-created this into a technology:

 The main components of the chakra system are the frequencies.

I will mention that above are drawn 2 chakra systems on one individual: the first is called ''personal light body or chakra system, the second , above the head is called ''cosmic soul''  it is THIS ONE that connects to the galactic  matrix.

The Tree of Knowledge or the Light Body really develops a series of vortex centres of concentrated sound so that the Light Body develops  kind of a network of sounds that simulates the consciousness,  that acts as a body matrix...exactly on the basis of  the golden mean, and the ''flower of life'' or tetrahedron that is inside of the chestahedron creating the vortexes ...just to add to this that Frank Chester proved that the root chakra is a square/cube in its middle the same as the planet Earth and the same as the heart
This personal field is connected to the galactic electro-magnetic so called 'morphic fields

In this galaxy, the sun is the ULTIMATE CONTROLLER OF ALL sounds/frequencies ...so whoever, whatever can control the sun...controls all life in the galaxy.

''A dimension is not an orientation in space, it's a scale or size of structure in space-time as the universe goes from infinitely large to infinitely small in a fractal holographic series of boundary conditions (like infinite Russian dolls stacked inside of each other). So, depending on what scale you are talking about, you can say something like a biological scale entity is incredibly active even though it may be sleeping or seemingly "inactive" because at the cellular dimension or the quantum dimension there may be millions or even billions of "actions" happening per second...''


About the Pyramids

Pyramids are not only in Egypt...they are EVERYWHERE...in China, all over South America, in Bosnia Russia, Japan, under the oceans , in Antarctica...everywhere...so why? And who built them? 

''Pyramids are a form of subtle energy collector. Like a solar panel connected to a large battery in full sun, pyramids collect energy over time and store it as a vortex within their center. Items placed within the vortex absorb some of the vortex's energy until it becomes the same intensity (energy flows from high to low concentrations). Like plugging a smaller battery (item being charged) into a larger more charged battery (pyramid vortex).''

Dr Philip Callahan about the pyramids:

''I believe that the Great Pyramid was designed to be a "Swiss Army knife" like tool to manipulate consciousness and matter. It may have been designed to be a "trap" for the ORMUS elements from air. It may also have been designed to convert metallic gold into ORMUS gold and it may have been designed to concentrate these ORMUS elements in the King's Chamber so that people could use these elements for spiritual purposes.''

 Kirlian photograph of the pyramid vortex energies using the Tesla coil (photo above)

''At a "pyramid energy" workshop that I attended in the mid seventies, Patrick Flanagan described how he could dowse the vortex energy from the peak of a pyramid on every floor directly above the apex as high as he went in a tall building. He said the energy was undiminished by distance above the apex. Flanagan developed a pyramid grid to take advantage of this apex energy. A kirlian photograph of this pyramid grid is shown below''


 Now, what is this 'ormus'? 

''Ormus is a class of physically distinct atomic mineral substances that are unique forms of matter that appear to be closer to the state of aether or vacuum ...''

Now who would need pyramids, and so many of them...to manipulate this subtle energies and consciousness thereof, and why?

Who built the pyramids? Pharaohs? Their state of scientific knowledge was too primitive...all they had were priests and priestesses that were the keepers of the knowledge left to them that they themselves did not understand but turned them into religion...

 Dr A Koltypin about godess Astarte, or Ishtar:

 ''Astarte considered godess- warrior, rich daughter of the creator of Ra. She was the patroness of the dynasty of pharaohs and, as I said, was no different from other daughters and the eye of Ra - Hathor, Tefnut, Sehmeet and other warrior goddesses.

I expressed my assumption about the nature of Astarte in the chapter "The Warrior Goddess of Ancient Egypt.''

"Astarte, was most likely apsara, who belonged to the anthropomorphic gods of the sun. All the above confirms this.''


''And that's what they say about the appearance and abilities of apsaras in "Adiparve":
"At the very moment when Arjuna
pulled crocodile  from the river, he suddenly turned into a slender woman, adorned with all sorts of jewelry. It was as if illuminated, O king, the magnificent radiance of his divine captivating body.'' 
 So, beautifull heavenly women such as the crocodiles could shape shift at will...

Also, Dr Koltypin claims that Osiris, Isis were space aliens, reptilian amphibian forms that could shape shift ( see my other posts) . 
They allied with the white human-looking gods (Adytas) in fight against the Earth aboriginal population: dragons and naga people

Dr A Koltypin writes:

''In the end of the Eocene epoch (34 million years ago) the Earth was harried by space aggressors - amphibious or the reptiles lived in water,  led by Hiranyaksa, Hayagriva, Enki, Susanoo, Osiris, Tlaloc and other deities, and the great catastrophe occurred on - the first one after 32 million years. 

We find reflection of this event in the epos of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs - an episode of "collapses of heavenly monsters on terrestrial ones" (on expression of Miguel  Leon-Portilla), which had caused hurricanes, earthquakes and floods of unprecedented force. It also has evidence in the Chinese epos ("Huainanzi or Huai-Nan-Tzu" and later myths) - in an episode of fight of fire spirit Chzhuzhun with deity of water Gungun 

 It means, in the end of the Eocene era our planet was attacked by intelligent  amphibious beings or intelligent reptiles with semi water-semi terrestrial way of life. Judging by the descriptions and images of Hiranyaksa, Gungun,  Chinese "the divine farmer" Shendun (a huge beings with a green snake body, a human face and small small horns on a head), deity of Dogons Nommo (the semiperson-semisnake with a green smooth and sheen body, the red eyes, the doubled tongue and eight flexible limbs without joints), the Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis (two cobras with the bound snake tails) and, apparently, Uadzhet (Uajet) (a cobra twisted round a stalk of the papyrus) and some other gods and demons of the ancient world, most likely, they were reptiles.
This fact (wide development of seas in the Oligocene epoch) is proved by the geological data. In the Oligocene era shallow shelf seas filled the most part of Europe, the European part of Russia, Western Siberia (approximately up to the middle of Oligocene epoch) and northern part of Canada. Also that is surprising, in legends of different people it is noticed that unprecedented flood had coincided on time with appearance of water reptiles like Hiranyaksa and Gungun on the Earth.

 The second type belonged to the legendary Chinese emperor Shennun (see.'s Testimonial in "Gods and Deities") and the deity of water Nommo (half people, half snake

 African Dogon tribe with green, smooth, shining like the surface of the water snake bodies, covered with short green hair eight upper and lower limbs (Nommo) and a human head with small horns

At the Nommo's eyes were red and forked tongues, flexible limbs, without joints. These creatures were antagonists to Gungun and maintain world order and harmony.
Based on the characteristics of the various gods (and, first of all, by their relation to the world order and harmony), belonged to the first type of "brother" of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu water demon Susanao and Sumerian demon Lahmu water, the second type - one of the main gods Sumerian Enki and the main Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis, her sister Nephthys, and others (see. their characterization in "gods and Deities").
Apparently, there were many-headed serpent people amphibian. Probably, they were also concerned that I have described in the section "People amphibious" sea-humans, half snake headed by the founder of Athens, Cecrops and his son Erihtoniem.

"Water People" - the indigenous inhabitants of the earth and the aliens. complexity of interpretation

The Dogon believe that the Nommo came with the planetary system Sirius. ''


''Osiris, Isis, and most of the other gods of Lower Egypt were amphibians and also came with a planetary system Sirius (according to other sources, Orion) and built a comfortable life for his pond, adjoining the Great pyramids and the Sphinx.  

In my third book, "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves," I confirmed this view and showed that for a long time Lower Egypt was the domain of serpentine and amphibians of the gods, leading-semi-terrestrial semi-aquatic lifestyle.''http://www.dopotopa.com/zmeeludi-amfibii.html


So, Osiris and Isis were amphibian reptiliaan space aliens coming from Sirius star constellation...Their leader was Hyraniaksha...which we know is an incarnation-avatar of Vishnu
It is also a fact that Vishnu belongs to, as the Nag Hamadi and other gnostic sources call them ''2nd Adamic Race" 
This race are the Light beings having their bodies exclusively on the basis of Chakra or Light body or Tree of Knowledge...
This is why they can shape shift at will like Ishtar/Astarte or any other of them

They were the real pyramid builders..
Why would they need them?
Pyramids were energy enhancers and consciousness transmuters...they were able to visit other realms, especially after residing on this planet longer, they were in the danger of being fixated on the certain frequency... and therefore shape too. Pyramids were their almost abodes...since they were/are able to manipulate matter without changing its structure, they did not need doors to enter or leave the pyramid
Above mentioned scientific research proves this conclusively
Later upon their leaving the surface and moving underground and elsewhere they left the priests who manipulated pharaos into the ways of rulership and close implementation of worship of their gone  'gods'  embodying some of the secrets of the pyramids to the priests that would than 'initiate' the  pharaohs into the 'mysteries'...such purpose served  long and targeted meditations and detachment  from any emotion that enabled them to, while in the pyramid,  mentally shift into other realms, where they would meet their reptoid, hungry gods

One of such testimonies we have  in the book of  Elisabeth Haich in her book Initiation who remembered her past life of her past incarnation during those times


Hyranyaksha reptilian form of Vishnu, leader of amphibian reptilians that invaded Earth from Sirus star constellation...among them were Osiris and Isis..
We see here how it kills Naga woman that is the native to the planet Earth    

Original Vishnu form...Blue blood...totally of light structure...orb..or chakra which allows him to shape shift and other stuff...in his reptilian form builder of pyramids, murderer for the need and lust of soma, human life liquids such as blood, enzymes etc
pyramids served them as portals consciousness enhancers and weapon if needed

 Isis Osiris and Nemesis in between them 

God Nemesis holds a wheel...dharma wheel or if you want chakra...symbol of the light body or artificial intelligence ( see my other posts)...which was the ability of those beings to manipulate consciousness holographic field by manipulating  their own chakra frequencies and change their shape at will 

Zeus Meilichios with a beard

Conjoined Nomo Twins, Dogon